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The Intellectual Property Department’s principal activity in the trademark area, in addition to litigation, is the preparation, filing and prosecution of a large variety of trademark applications before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We perform trademark screening searches and advise clients on potential trademarks prior to adoption and use, so as to minimize the possibility of infringing an existing trademark and maximizing the likelihood of registration of a mark. We have prepared trademark applications for both word and design marks involving a wide variety of goods and services.

We advise clients in a variety of licensing situations and other corporate transactions involving trademarks. The firm’s practice extends to the full range of issues covered by the Lanham Act, including false and deceptive advertising, which is an area of increasing concern to some clients.

In addition to copyright litigation, the Department also regularly handles the preparation and filing of copyright application and works protected under the copyright laws, including computer software. The firm prepares copyright applications for diverse works.

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